Who We Are

Who We Are

Positive Music Imperative

Positive Music Imperative Mission

The Positive Music Imperative is a collaborative collective, social enterprise, creating a legacy through the creation of positive music, and by educating people around the world about the role and importance of Positive Music in being an agent for personal, community and global change.

Our mandate is to both create and positive music as well as to educate the importance of Positive Music and its ability to change people, communities and the world like no other force we know. More has been learned about the human brain and Neuroscience in the past 5 years than the previous 50.   More research and evidence is proving the benefits of Positive Music on the one hand, and on the other the detrimental effects of Negative Music on the other.  Armed with that information we have taken on the challenge to be the leader in creating a community of Positive Music and awareness of its many benefits. That’s the Positive Music Imperative.

The Positive Music Imperative is an opportunity to harness the talents of many like-minded singer – songwriters, to build critical mass and leverage the combined skills, talent and knowledge to raise the bar on both the craft and the opportunity to play a musical leadership role on positive change.   The concept, any collateral and any intellectual property of the Positive Imperative concept and business holdings will always be owned by it’s members and will NEVER be open for sale.


Heather Hill – A & R Operations


Late one night on a business trip in London, England, an unmistakable voice told Heather she needed to quit her successful high-tech marketing career and pursue her gift. Heather left her job, sold everything, went backpacking and the songs poured out. She fell in love, had babies, wrote songs, made two albums, created a songwriting guild, and now she wants to bring change and spread positivity to anyone who will listen.

Rooted in piano rock, Heather Hill is currently working on her third release. She launched her second album Leuty Station in May 2012, which features a collection of songs about women’s issues and the courage to face life challenges head on. She quickly followed the success of the launch with a Canadian tour, TV and radio play. Her first album “Listen” was released in NYC in 2005 with Steve Addabbo who produced Suzanne Vega and Shawn Colvin. Her voice is often compared to Kate Bush and the Wilson sisters, while her songwriting draws comparisons to Tori Amos and a young Leonard Cohen.

Heather has opened for Greig Nori and Bill Priddle (Treble Charger) and shared the stage with Lawrence Gowan, Rik Emmet (Triumph), and Michael White. She recently worked with Jan Cooper Publishing in Vancouver for her single “Stupid Happy”. She co-wrote a song on Chris Antonik’s upcoming sophmore blues album called “I’ll Help You Through” currently playing on national radio. Her song “Just Her Ideal” was in a successful off-broadway show in NYC and compilation CD. Her song “Find Your Way” is currently being used on the Positive Music Imperative compilation “Your Best Life”, and in a women’s community called “Silver and Grace.”




Joe Bartok  Accounting / Royalties / Licencing 

Joe BartokJoe will be looking after the numbers for the Positive Music Imperative, using some common sense and his MBA at York’s Schulich School of Business.   As President of This Is The Deal, Joe runs a full service accounting, bookkeeping and consulting practice, specializing in music and other forms of entertainment.  Joe’s background also includes several years as an accountant for the Universal Music Group.

Joe also serves as Manager Finance and administration for IDLA which is a digital distribution aggregator and independent digital rights advocate, owned by a consortium of Canada’s leading independent labels. Its mandate is twofold: to provide global distribution for all forms of digital media, and to represent Canada in the global negotiation of rights compensation for independents.

It’s not all numbers for Joe, as he is also a song writer having produced a children’s album and spends is free nights player precaution with local musician friends, but his first love is having quality time with his daughter.


Victor Sinclair   Founder / Marketing & Sales

victor.sinclair_nov2010_cropVictor is the founder of both the Positive Music Imperative, and it’s parent concept the Positive Imperative.    To every good foundation there are four legs and a seat.  Victor’s four legs include Not For Profits/Volunteering, Media/Broadcasting & Internet, Business Sales & Marketing and a number of years in the music industry as well.

Experience includes,

Owner Victor Sinclair Consulting,–> VP Aimark Travers – Dist. Eko-Tech
Executive Director American Chamber of Commerce in Canada
Advisory Council Channel Line (IT Industry)
Country Council OSAC Oversees Security Advisory Council
Teacher Trebas Institute (Toronto) Fanshawe College London
Owner 80/20 Records/Management 1 Juno Nomination
VP The Result Source, Private-Eye.Com
Chair Blackburn Media Employees Association Assit/ PD/Interviewer/Music Director CFPL Radio / FM96
President, St. Leonard’s Society London – Board of Directors London ON Chamber of Commerce and
Executive of several not-for-profits. Currently on both the National and Peel Board of Directors for St. Leonard’s Society

However all the above titles and roles does not come close to the importance of his two biggest roles. Firstly as husband, father and grandfather, his family is the Gem of his life. Secondly his mission to create a more humane positive world for his grandchildren to life in, through the concepts known as the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative, for which he is blessed to work with a community of loving, caring and dedicated people.


Kathy Hahn  Advisory Board / Blogger

Kathy Hahn, Positive Music ImperativeHahn coordinates Canada’s national pavilion at MIDEM on behalf of CIMA and works on the export front for various music industry conferences and festivals for CIMA.  Music and Artist Development and Management, Music Publishing. Trade and Export Specialist, Industry Consultant.
Experienced in international trade, Hahn always finds time to offer the benefit of her experience to emerging and new artists, labels and music companies interested in exploring music markets outside of Canada.

Hahn was on the ground floor of the music video revolution, helping launch Canada’s first music video channel MuchMusic and its Quebec counterpart, MusiquePlus.  Mentored by Chris Blackwell, Hahn established Island Records in Canada, introducing Island artists to media and public in Canada. She was successful in crossing reggae music to rock radio. A highlight was presenting Robert Palmer w/double platinum, and Bob Marley with his first gold album in North America for “Exodus”, which decades later was named ‘Album of the Century’ by Time Magazine. Bob was honoured with a music tribute at a recent Grammy Awards. Hahn has championed many Canadian recording artists including Powder Blues (double platinum) and Blue Rodeo (Try.)

Hahn is artist manager for Canadian icon VALDY (recipient of the Order of Canada), Quebec-city power rock trio MOSQUITO-B , France-based international artist FRED’ANGELO & has recently teamed up with Mark Smith in developing solo projects with Canadian pianist, musician, arranger, composer, producer extraordinaire DAVOR JORDANOVSKI (who is also a founder of the Positive Music Imperative), in the development of some new original music projects.


John Schinnerer, Ph.D. Advisory Board / Blogger

John_Schinnerer_May_11_Suit_Square_Anger_ManagementJohn is an expert in positive psychology, is revolutionizing the way in which people make sense of the mind, behavior and emotion.  John has long be both a fan and supporter of Positive Music as an agent for happiness and well being and has lent his expertise and talents as a founding contributor of both the Positive Imperative and Positive Music Imperative.

In December of 2011, he was one of three emotion experts (along with Paul Ekman and Dacher Keltner) to consult with Pixar on a feature-length movie in which the main characters are emotions. Much of his time is spent in private practice teaching clients the latest ways to turn down the volume on negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and stress. He has developed a unique coaching methodology which combines the best aspects of entertainment, humor, positive psychology and emotional management techniques. His offices are in Danville, California. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley Summa Cum Laude with a Ph.D. in educational psychology.  He has been an executive, speaker and coach for over 15 years.  He hosted over 200 episodes of Guide To Self Radio, a daily prime time radio show, in the SF Bay Area.

John has written the award-winning book, ‘Guide To Self: The Beginner’s Guide To Managing Emotion and Thought,’ which is available at Amazon.com.  His blog,Shrunken Mind, was recently recognized as one of the top 3 in positive psychology on the web (drjohnblog.guidetoself.com). His new video blog teaches people the latest ways to manage anger using positive psychology. (WebAngerManagement.com). He is currently working on a destination site to teach individuals paths to sustainable happiness via positive psychology and ongoing practice at HowICanBeHappy.com.


Sara Westbrook ~ Youth Adviser / Blogger

Sara Westbrook, Positive ImperativeSara Westbrook is an international singer/songwriter/speaker. Sara created UPower® concerts, motivational concerts designed to let people, especially youth, know they have the ability to make powerful choices that will create a positive impact no matter what the circumstance. Each song Sara writes contains a life skill.

In an era where youth bullying is at near epidemic levels, Sara has now visited hundreds of schools from primary to high-school with a message of resiliency; respect yourselves, respect each other and respect your dreams.  Through the power of speech and music Sara takes people on a journey. Let the Journey Begin at www.sarawestbrook.com




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